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{INTERVIEW} 110503 ‘Tall-dols’ X-5, “I’m Worried that I’ll Grow Taller” Interview ②

You end up looking up at them for a long time. This isn’t only because of their strong features with milky skin and looks that seems like they’ve jumped out of a romance comic. Your neck will naturally follow their impressive average height of 186cm.

X-5, who yelled ‘The Show is Over’ with a strong, powerful, and manly performance at their showcase on April 20th, at Seoul Shinsa-dong Yeh Hall. Unlike their chic and arrogant sides on stage, they have the newcomer aura as each word they say is fresh and they overflow with playfulness. Ghun (23), Taefung (21), Haewon (21), Zin (19), and Sulhu (17) are the 5 members.

☆ “I’m worried that I’ll grow taller”

People who see X-5 for the first time will be surprised at their gentle features and then surprised again at their impressive heights. But they aren’t just tall. Their small faces complete their perfectly body proportions and allow them to show off their figures that are like a professional model’s.

Leader Ghun’s height is 183cm and he is the shortest amongst the members. He reminisces his first meeting with Zin and Sulhu, “The maknae line, Zin (189cm) and Sulhu (188cm), were so tall that I thought they were my hyungs when I first met them. When our CEO pointed to Sulhu and said ‘this one is in grade 3 of middle school’, I remember thinking ‘young kids these days are really tall’.”

Is it because of their young age. The maknae lines’ growth didn’t stop easily. Zin calmly answered, “When I came in a year ago as a trainee, I was 186cm. But I grew 3cm in one year and before I knew it, I became the tallest in the team.”

Taefung said, “Sulhu was the same height as me at first. It may be because he’s young, but his growth changed each day. He keeps growing.” Ghun added on, “If maknae becomes too tall, I’m concerned that our height balance we have right now, won’t match.” To this, the maknae quietly revealed his thoughts, “I’m worried that I’ll grow more.”

☆ X-5, Introducing the Member’s Names!

Besides Haewon (Jung Haewon), the remaining four members of X-5 are using stage names.

Leader Ghun (real name: Son Hyunseok). He introduced his name by saying, “It isn’t that the name ‘Hyunseok’ doesn’t fit my image, but I wanted to show a different side to myself so I used a stage name. Although there were many stage names in English on the list of names, with the thought of ‘I’m a Korean native’, I didn’t really want to use an English name. So the name I chose meant to be strong ‘Ghun (健)’. It has the meaning of ‘be a strong leader’.”

Taefung’s real name is Lee Donghyun. He shows a proud smile and says, “Because I felt my name was a bit common, the staff members from my company made me a list. The moment I saw it, the name Taefung, immediately caught my eye. To say I’m like a typhoon (Taefung) that rages like a storm. I like it because I think it matches well.”

Zin and Sulhu’s names were given by Ghun. Ghun suggested these names for their lists and proudly received the members’ choices.

To this, Zin (real name: Jin Hyeonjin) said, “Because the letter ‘Jin’ is in my name twice, I didn’t want to throw it away.” Sulhu (real name: Kim Jinwan) showed his gratitude by saying, “Ghun hyung gave the name, ‘Sulhu’. It has the meaning of innocence as Sulhu (雪後) means ‘after the snow comes’.”

☆ What Do I Think is My Charm?

I asked what they thought their charms were. To this, the members all seemed embarrassed as they hesitated, but Taefung opened his mouth first. He starts and says, “I want to say it’s singing. Because I’ve sung a lot and have affection for it.. I want to be a singer that makes people touched like Kim Bumsoo senior.”

Next is Ghun. “When I normally just have an expressionless face, people tell me that I look angry. Once I laugh, they say it’s really nice to see. In my opinion, I think my charm is when I laugh.”

Zin nods his head to Ghun’s words. He then imprints his correct lifestyle image by saying, “Just like Ghun hyung, I’m not one that laughs often. Fans even say that I look scary when I don’t laugh. Truthfully, I can only laugh if something’s really funny. Because I have the personality of telling right from wrong, I tell them it’s not funny if it isn’t.”

After hearing the hyung’s answers, maknae Sulhu slightly answers, “I think mine’s when I laugh as well.” To this, the hyungs compliment him, “Being the maknae is his charm.” Taefung, who heard this, added on, “I think you have the most popularity if you’re the maknae in the team. It seemed like Sulhu had the most popularity. It seems like that when I see it.”

Haewon, who was the last to go, said, “My charm?”. Then as he showed that he was thinking over it a lot, the members said in chorus, “Being strange.” Ghun added, “He uses a lot of words that most people wouldn’t. Strange words like ‘cells’ and ‘on Earth’. And while we’re in the car, he watches programs like the documentary, ‘National Geographic’. So I think that his strangeness that differs from others, is Haewon’s charm.”

Credits : TV Daily + yeoljjung @ X-FIVE STAR + X5Update

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