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[FULL] 120410 EXO-M Sina Interview 1/5 [Eng]

  • MC: Welcome! We just saw a very spectacular MV, and this is our guest today, SM's new boy group, EXO-M! Welcome to Sina. How about saying hi to the netizens?
  • EXO-M: We are one! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M.
  • MC: Welcome. A lot of netizens are already watching this tream, hopefully we can communicate through this platform today. What we saw just then was the MV of MAMA, is it possible to have a live version of it? Kris?
  • KRIS: No problem. Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min.
  • MC: This is live, so everyone can understand this arrangement. Our handsome boys are ready, let's the performance begin!
  • (Lay, Lu Han, Xiu Min performs MAMA dance live)
  • MC: That was great! We also have a lot of fans here in the studio today, what do you think?
  • Fans: Handsome/hot.
  • MC: I can see a fan is already crying from happiness. Just then the way our EXO-M introduced themselves, there is this one pose, right?
  • KRIS: That's right.
  • MC: What is the meaning of that?
  • KRIS: It means terrific, representing our wish to be a recognised, influencial group in the music industry. And it also represents, because we have another 6 members in Korea, the meaning of "one".
  • MC: Just then was the group introduction, and we have all six members, shouldn't we introduce one by one? Kris, start.
  • KRIS: Hello, I am EXO-M's leader, KRIS.
  • LAY: Hello, I am EXO-M member LAY.
  • LU HAN: Hello, Iam EXO-M member LU HAN.
  • XIU MIN: Hello, I am EXO-M member XIU MIN.
  • CHEN: Hello, I am EXO-M member CHEN.
  • TAO: Hello,Iam EXO-M's maknae, TAO.
  • MC: Welcome everyone. So just then's MAMA MV is your first MV, how about Chen introduce this song to us?
  • KRIS: MAMA is actually a really powerful, strong song, the make-up or the song style both give a powerful feel, and also mysterious. The use of orchestra instruments in the beginning gives a mysterious feel. Plus we are a performance type group, so there is a really magnificant stage effect.
  • MC: The song MAMA won over a lot of fans' hearts, and everyone interpret this song in their own way online. Can one of the members tell us your interpretation of MAMA and what the MV represents? It's okay, I'll ask again later. How does EXO-M describe themselves?
  • KRIS: EXO-M comes from the world "Exoplanet", represents the unknown planet outside of our solar system, meaning that we are an unknown planet, so it's the abbreviation of Exoplanet. Our group's speciality is that we are separated into EXO-K and EXO-M, releasing the same songs at the same time, in a different language and country.
  • MC: Yes, I saw that everyone has a badge, represents a power, did you choose that by yourselves?
  • KRIS: We didn't.
  • MC: But it suits your personality right?
  • KRIS: You can say that, we can introduce our badges.
  • MC: We'll start with maknae Tao this time.
  • TAO: Mine is stopping time, letting time stop.
  • MC: Stopping time, you have the power?
  • TAO: Yes, that's my power, stopping time and space.
  • MC: What about Chen?
  • CHEN: Mine represents thunder and lightning, but it's not hanging on my clothes, but it's a ring.
  • MC: Xiu Min, what about you?
  • XIU MN: Sorry, my Chinese isn't very good yet, so I'll communicate in Korean today, I will try my best to learn Chinese from now on, hopefully we can communicate in Chinese completely in the future.
  • MC: Thank you, we will give you encouragement.
  • XIU MIN: I'm wearing something with snow flower on it, meaning everything can be melted off.
  • MC: Lu Han.
  • LU HAN: I can move things with my mind.
  • MC: What about Lay?
  • LAY: Mine is a unicorn, it has healing powers.
  • MC: Kris what about you?
  • KRIS: I can fly, because mine is a dragon.
  • MC: Then you're very powerful.
  • KRIS: I'm okay.
  • MC: I heard that Lu Han is from Beijing, did you see your family coming back to China this time?
  • LU HAN: Not yet. Our debut stage was on the 8th in Shenzhen, and after the performance on the 9th we flew to Beijing, so I haven't got a chance to go home yet.
  • MC: Will there be time though?
  • LU HAN: Don't know yet, but I did call my parents.
  • MC: But we have a present for Lu Han, let's take a look.

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