Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top - Dancing Boy Changjo!

“When I was in fifth grade I watched the music program and when I saw dancing singers I wanted to follow them, that’s when I began my dance training. And through a talent show I cooly reenacted DBSK ‘O’ and my friends cheered for me.”

“On sixth grade, after school in empty classrooms, at the empty lot in front of my home, simply at my cultural center’s classroom, etc, everywhere where I could dance, I tried to make new dances matching a song, I tried to make more awesome choreographies.”

“One day, noona was watching a video concert of Usher and I could feel the delight that I couldn’t feel before, so I was decided to become a singer like Usher. Because there wasn’t a lot of auditions in his city, I nagged noona to bring me to Seoul to see the auditions.”

When he went up at Seoul he kept on failing at the auditions. But Changjo didn’t give up easily. “I was watching the auditions at Seoul and I praticed until I made a cool dance, until I successed at the part I couldn’t before, when I came to see the auditions I remembered the other people’s dances, to make the songs fit better with the dance I modified it and I doubled my pratices.”

Changjo’s mother told to Changjo who always failed at the auditions to give up and to focus on his studies when he was in first year of middle school.

His little cousin who liked dancing and practiced with him implored him to take him to see the auditions. He didn’t have the heart to refuse his cousin’s request so he went to the audition as the last one. That’s how he applied to the Lotte World public audition with his cousin.But unfortunately his cousin failed at the preliminary round, Changjo went to the final and in the end he was the youngest male participant to win and tool the opportunity to become a trainee at the same time.

“I have to go to school on week, at around 10 I finish practicing and I take the last train at 11 and I come back at Chucheon.” Changjo who had long distance travel and always had to hurry to not be late. When he could stay at the dorm on week-ends, he stayed late at night at the practice room to repeatly practice until he mastered one by one each little moves. “I danced like this some times over 10 hours a day I even had my toenail off, I got blisters every time I dance, it was really painful, later on I’ll have to remove the callus on my feet.”(laugh) Changjo who had to go in one month, excluding 4 times, to Seoul from Chucheon every day and lost 6 kg.

“If I didn’t become a Teen Top member I think I would be studying hard to become a bodyguard” (laugh)Changjo has a 4th degree belt of Jeet Kune Do and Taekwondo. Since he was young he wanted to become bodyguard so he began to do sports, and did some Jeet Kune Do and Taekwondo.

“Even now wen sometimes there’s a dance I created I don’t like, when I’m worried about something, when I can’t think of a good choreography, or when I get angry, I release stress by doing some Jeet Kune Do and Taekwondo.”

Dancing Boy Changjo said “As for Teen Top’s ‘knife dance’ I want to do a new choreography so Teen Top can show a new one” and while laughing ” I think it would be good if we could create a dance with some Keet Kune Do and Taekwondo moves”

Source : Asia Economy Daily

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