Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top - Lovelove Lovely Ricky!

At home he’s a maknae, since he has an older brother. When Ricky went to elementary school, he saw some pretty girls and handsome guys on TV, he had an idea, “After you appear on TV, you will become someone handsome like that! So I want to go on TV too.”

Through his Mom’s support he went to an acting school, and after a year, appeared in a cameo on SBS’s “Land”. This was Ricky’s first time standing in front of cameras. When he was in 4th grade, he acted in MBC’s “내 친구들의 세상” (My Friend’s World) and EBS’s “방학생활” (Holiday Life), and accumulated some acting experience.

However, the reason that child star Ricky got a lot of attention, was because of his appearance in Seo Tai Ji’s MV “Human Dream”.

After filming ended, Ricky was invited to Seo Tai Ji’s concert. He attended the concert with excitement, and noticed that a live concert was so different from filming. Since then, he wanted to become a singer and stand on the same stage as Seo Tai Ji.

After deciding to become a singer, Ricky continuously practiced his singing. He spends 3-4 hours everyday practicing. He will keep practicing until his voice becomes hoarse.

One day, Ricky’s blood bother participated in a singer selection. When the selection organizers saw me, they asked “Did you not star in that Tai Ji ‘Human Dream’ Music Video when you were younger? Do you want to try participating in this?”
Although he wasn’t prepared to participate in this, Ricky delivered a confident self-introduction followed by an individual performance of a drama scene. After the performance, he was supposed to perform a song. But because he was too nervous and tense, his voice broke a little.

Although that situation and opportunity arrived completely unexpectedly, but discovered how hardworking other trainees are. Also, came to understand why not every trainee can become a singer. Also during dance training and practice time, Ricky is always practices two or three times more than his friends.

As the last day of evaluation to choose Teen Top’s members come they still didn’t begin to worry about who’ll be first. At that time Ricky had to go frequently to the hospital because of his throat ‘to prevent the voices changes’, so he couldn’t properly take the vocal lessons.

He didn’t even know the dance basics and had to practice while growing up, his friends, the dance teachers and every people around couldn’t help but be surprised. And on the day where they announced who were Teen Top’s members, when Ricky heard his name a thousand emotions crossed his mind and he shed tears of joy.

“When I was praticing as a member of Teen Top, I was the most sorry to my hyung on the fact that because of my voice changes we couldn’t properly share our lyrics part. And because I was so sorry I practiced even more my dancing.”

Source : Asia Economy Daily

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